Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Supporting Our Troops!

Pacific Honda was a PROUD sponsor of the 2011 Holes for Heroes event that took place on October 14th, 2011 at Fort Lomas in Solana Beach.

It was the 5th anniversary of this incredible fundraiser, which enjoyed the largest number of players ever and raised more money than ever.  A huge success to be very proud of!

A little background...

San Diego is home to the largest combined military complex in the US. Our region has more marines, sailors, soldiers and airmen deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan and other war zones than other regions. As a result, our region experiences more of the pain resulting from combat fatalities, wounded warriors and the resulting stress to the families of our deployed military personnel. Our desire, with your generous help and support, is to show our commitment to our local military personnel and their families by:
  • helping ease the pain of our returning wounded warriors at Balboa Hospital, other military Facilities and suffers of ‘PTSD’ via Project Not Forgotten & Service for Humanity Foundation
  • supporting the needs of our local military families and the children of deployed warriors via Homefront San Diego & Camp Pendleton ASYMCA
  • assisting VVSD in their effort to help San Diego’s homeless Veterans and families
  • remembering the children and families of our Fallen Heroes via Guide On
  • supporting Humanitarian Projects via The San Diego Downtown Breakfast Club Foundation.
We utilize the Rotary Club Foundation platform because it is trusted, 100% all-volunteers, no paid staff, no fixed overhead ensuring that 100% of the proceeds go to the beneficiary charities. 75% of the net proceeds raised go to our Military serving partners to support military personnel and families in our region. The remaining 25% goes towards Humanitarian project via the San Diego Downtown Breakfast Rotary Foundation. To date, Holes for Heroes has raised over $275,000 netting over $200,000!

We look forward to next year's event and hope you all will show your support as well!  For more information on Holes for Heroes, click here.

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