Thursday, May 19, 2022

Test Drive the Honda CR-V Hybrid in San Diego

The Honda CR-V Hybrid takes your favorite Honda model to the next level. It delivers on all the sporty and capable driving you can expect from Honda SUVs while reducing your environmental impact and saving you money on every ride. Come down to Pacific Honda in San Diego to begin testing out the Honda CR-V Hybrid for yourself.

Compare Honda Cars by Mileage in San Diego

When it’s time for a new Honda car, gas mileage can be very important. That’s why we’re excited to share reliable high-mileage vehicles here at Pacific Honda. It’s also why we make it easy to compare and test drive different vehicles to find the best car for fuel economy and a whole lot more. Take your next test drive in a new Honda in San Diego today.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Improve Your Fuel Economy with Honda Maintenance

Honda maintenance plays many important roles in the upkeep and ownership of your vehicle. It can even help you to save money, by improving your vehicle’s efficiency and saving you on fuel costs. Visit Pacific Honda in San Diego to find out how routine Honda maintenance can boost your vehicle’s fuel economy on every ride.

Monday, May 9, 2022

Test Drive Fuel-Efficient Used Cars in San Diego

When you’re ready to test drive used Honda cars, Pacific Honda can help you get started. We carry a wide inventory of cars, trucks, and SUVs that drive like new, without the like-new price tag. You’ll even find models with impressive fuel efficiency, which means even more savings to enjoy.

Honda Recall Support is in San Diego

If you’ve been notified of a Honda recall for a part or system, it may seem a little concerning at first. But don’t worry! Pacific Honda is here to help you through the Honda recall process, so you can get your vehicle back out on the road and running smoothly as soon as possible.

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Test Drive Hybrid SUVs at Pacific Honda


Are you on the search for Hybrid SUVs from Honda? Pacific Honda has what you need to enjoy every ride, while reducing your impact on the environment and saving money at the pump. Come down to our San Diego dealership to begin testing out hybrid SUVs and take home a car you love today.