Saturday, May 14, 2022

Improve Your Fuel Economy with Honda Maintenance

Honda maintenance plays many important roles in the upkeep and ownership of your vehicle. It can even help you to save money, by improving your vehicle’s efficiency and saving you on fuel costs. Visit Pacific Honda in San Diego to find out how routine Honda maintenance can boost your vehicle’s fuel economy on every ride.

How Does Honda Maintenance Improve Fuel Economy?

Bringing your vehicle in for routine service and care may feel like just another thing to remember, but it can go a long way to improving your vehicle’s efficiency and saving you money. Here are just a few of the ways Honda maintenance boosts mileage:

It Properly Lubricates Parts: Oil changes are one of the best ways to boost your vehicle’s fuel economy because they directly affect how efficiently your engine works. When oil becomes old or saturated, it can no longer cool and lubricate the engine properly, so parts slow down. Fresh oil is sure to boost your fuel economy on every ride.

It Improves the Combustion Process: You’ll also want to make sure you change your air filter out regularly. Like the oil filter, the air filter can become clogged while protecting the engine. To effectively complete the internal combustion process, the engine needs steady air flow. A clean air filter can make all the difference.

It Reduces Drag: When your vehicle’s tires are damage or low on air, they drag while you drive. This means the vehicle has to work harder to move the same distance, which reduces efficiency. In fact, filling up your Honda tires properly can improve fuel economy by more than 3%.

These are just a few of the essential Honda services we offer here at Pacific Honda. Keep your vehicle running as smoothly and efficiently as possible with the support of our expert service team in San Diego. 

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