Saturday, May 10, 2014

2015 Honda Fit Makes a Great First New Car

When most people get their first cars, they’re very often some inexpensive used clunkers chosen only because the price tags were low enough for our teenage bank accounts to afford them. With adulthood, however, comes a “real” job and therefore a reasonable amount of income, so there really is no better time for someone to buy his or her first new automobile than their late teens or early 20s.

If that’s you (or your children), and you’re having a hard time deciding which vehicle could work the best, allow us to suggest the 2015 Honda Fit, which is in our opinion the best-all around starter car in the Honda lineup.

The most obvious of these reasons is the price, which is typically so low that it’s hard to believe that it is, in fact, a brand new automobile. But there’s more to this gorgeous little subcompact hatch than its cost, as this is decidedly not a “cheap” car.

Quite the contrary, actually. The 2015 Honda Fit offers best-in-class efficiency, very stylish aesthetics, a healthy supply of features for the cost, and more storage space (when the “Magic Seats” are down) than some of the SUVs that our competitors sell.

If you’re looking into buying your first new automobile, perhaps it’s time to test drive a 2015 Honda Fit near Lemon Grove. We here at Pacific Honda already have them in stock and would love to show you how wonderful these vehicles really are. The fact that they’re also so affordable is obviously an incredible bonus.

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