Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Honda Sees Record-Setting Year in Sales

Generally speaking, 2014 was a ridiculously good year to be in the business of selling cars. Never in the recorded history of man have human beings purchased more automobiles, which speaks both to a growing population of people who need/can afford cars and the quality of the cars themselves.

Here in the United States, Honda dealerships also had their best year ever, combining to sell a massive 1,373,029 vehicles during the 2014 calendar year. That’s “only” a 1.0% increase over the previous best record, set in 2013, but when we’re talking about numbers in the millions, even a paltry percentage boost can translate to thousands of more cars sold.

While there certainly have been some standouts for the brand this past year, particular praise is owed to the Honda CR-V, which saw a 10.2% increase in sales this year, good for 335,019 units overall. That, added to 388,374 Accord models (a 5.9% increase) and over 325,000 Civic models, shows which three vehicles are at the top of the food chain here at Pacific Honda, though other models like the Fit (which saw a 10.9% annual increase) and the Pilot absolutely chipped in, too.

It really was an undeniably strong year for both Honda and the automotive industry at large, and we’re hoping that the 2015 model year brings all us similar success. It won’t be easy topping such impressive sales numbers, but we’re all certainly going to try!

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