Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Honda Voice Commands Make Infotainment Easy

Using voice recognition technology, whether it be with a smartphone, tablet, or even automobile, has completely changed the way we interact with machines. There was a day when the mere thought of such a thing was pure science fiction, something Marty McFly would have done on a trip to the future, but the use of voice commands in the most recent Honda cars absolutely has made our driving lives easier and exponentially safer. It’s not science fiction anymore, but that’s a good thing.

In vehicles like the new 2016 Honda CR-V, Honda Civic, or Honda Accord, drivers can simply tap a button on the bottom left of their steering wheel and instruct their vehicles to do pretty much anything they want.

For starters, drivers can make a phone call without ever having to touch their cell phone. By tapping the voice command button and saying the word “call” followed by a name in your contacts, the call gets made via Bluetooth.

Voice commands also can work the stereo system. All they have to do is tell the system what station they want to listen to and the car will get there without you having to lift a finger. The same is true with setting the thermostat in the vehicle. Just tell your Honda vehicle what you want, and it will take care of the rest.

For Lemon Grove consumers, something like voice commands can completely change the way people interact with their vehicles. Distracted driving accidents increase by leaps and bounds every year, but here at Pacific Honda we hope to see all that change thanks to technology like this. Eyes on roads are better than eyes off of them, and that’s the kind of change we’re starting to see in the automotive industry.

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