Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Day Trips from San Diego, CA

While we may be a little biased here at Pacific Honda, San Diego, CA is one of the most beautiful cities on the entire continent, due in part to its yearlong fantastic weather and in part because there are so many diverse and lovely things to do in the area.

That doesn’t mean people should hole up in San Diego and never leave, nice though it may be. In fact, should you ever get the desire to hop into your 2017 Honda Pilot, 2017 Honda Odyssey, or some other family-oriented Honda automobile and just take your family for a day trip to one of several nearby spots, we’ve got quite a few favorites to recommend:

Carlsbad, CA – It’s only about a half-hour away, but it provides LEGOLAND for the kids and great beaches and flower fields for the whole family. There’s so much to do there, and it’s such an easy trip for Honda cars.

Temecula, CA – Would you like to ride in a beautiful balloon? Temecula, on top of offering some fantastic SoCal wineries, offers hot air balloon rides that tour the area from above. The sights alone are breathtaking!

Borrego Springs, CA – As a designated International Dark Sky Community, Borrego Springs offers some of the most beautiful night sky views you’ll ever see.

Palm Springs, CA – There are few more lavish daylong getaways than Palm Springs, with its resorts, golf course, hot springs, and luxurious swimming pools. It absolutely is worth the 2.5-hour drive, making it just close enough to get there and back in a day.

All of these make for fantastic single-day trips for you and your whole family, and the comfort and efficiency of Honda automobiles make them all the easier to accomplish. Just add these great day trips to the long list of fantastic things that your Honda vehicles have made possible!

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