Thursday, January 18, 2018

Buy Cars 100% Online with Express

Here at Pacific Honda, we understand that some people are a little overwhelmed by the process of buying a new or certified pre-owned Honda automobile at the dealership, and while we do everything we can to make customers comfortable in these situations, we also know that some people just don’t shine brightest when in the midst of a price negotiation with a sales professional.

It is for these people that Honda Express exists. Now, customers in and around San Diego, CA can purchase their vehicles completely online, as in literally every step of the process can be handled from the comfort of their own couches. There are just a few steps to follow and a new car could find its way into your garage in close to no time.

The first step in the process is deciding on what kind of automobile you think you may want, then going through the process of pricing out that model to see what it may cost you. Sample deal sheets make this easy and comfortable from the get-go, meaning you can know exactly what you might pay for a certain-priced Honda CR-V or Honda Accord without ever having to step foot into a dealership.

You can trade-in your old vehicle using Express, too, which is exactly what we would do here at Pacific Honda while facilitating a vehicle upgrade. Once you’ve done everything, you’ll get an estimated delivery date, and at that point all you have to do is wait for the vehicle to show up at your house.

We are happy to help facilitate all of this at our dealership, and if you have any questions about buying a Honda certified pre-owned automobile over the internet, never hesitate to ask someone here at Pacific Honda!


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