Saturday, August 10, 2019

A New Honda Car with Innovative Tech

At Pacific Honda, we know that automotive tech evolves rapidly. The Honda brand is always staying one step ahead though, making sure that your new Honda car offers all of the features that you want along with some that you didn't even know you needed. One model that's recently caught our eye is the electric Honda E. It may not arrive stateside, but its technology could still end up being a big influence on future models.

The Honda E is the first Honda vehicle to offer a “full-width digital dashboard.” That means that the entire dashboard is made up of high-definition displays, five of them to be exact. The driver will notice an 8.8-inch digital instrument cluster right in front of them, displaying information like battery charge and speed of travel. On each side, there are digital side camera displays that show what your side view cameras show. These offer an extra layer of security and can actually give you a better view of your surroundings if inclement weather is affecting your visibility.

The biggest part of the dashboard is covered by dual 12.3-inch touchscreens. You and your passenger can scroll through a variety of apps, set playlists, or easily access navigation data. Two applications can be displayed side by side and it's easy to customize what's on display with a favorites menu.

The Honda E can also be controlled with a smartphone application. The app can monitor battery charge, act as a digital key, control climate functions, and more. This electric car also gets a new personal assistant, an AI-powered voice command system that responds to your questions and learns from you over time. The Honda brand just keeps on innovating and adding new tech, and we can't wait to see these types of features make their way to more Honda cars.

So if you're looking for a dependable car that delivers the in-car tech you're searching for, we can help. Visit our San Diego Honda dealership and talk to our knowledgeable Honda dealers. We'll help you find a car that offers the tech that you need!

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