Saturday, September 11, 2021

Schedule Honda Hybrid Maintenance at Pacific Honda


A Honda hybrid car is an excellent vehicle for drivers looking to save money and reduce their impact on the environment, and when you come down to Pacific Honda in San Diego, you’ll find many exciting Honda hybrid vehicle options.

We’re not just dedicated to putting you behind the wheel of a low-impact car that you’re sure to love. We also want to provide the service and information you need to care for your car for years to come.

Maintenance Tasks for Honda Hybrid Vehicles

Routine car care and maintenance are essential to keeping your vehicle running right, whether you drive a hybrid, electric, or gasoline-powered vehicle. Here are some of the most common maintenance tasks for hybrid vehicles:

  • Oil Changes: Your hybrid vehicle still has an engine, and that means you’ll still want to schedule routine oil changes every 3,000-5,000 miles. This will help to keep your engine cool and well lubricated and remove dirt and debris from the engine compartment.
  • Tire Rotations: All types of vehicles need tire care and inspections regularly. Our expert team will check for signs of low tread or uneven tread wear that might indicate an alignment complication. We’ll rotate your tires around every 7,500 miles to ensure they wear down evenly.
  • Battery Inspection: One of the biggest differences between a hybrid and gasoline vehicle when it comes to maintenance is battery care. Your hybrid vehicle relies on the battery a lot more, which means it’s crucial to get the battery inspected and upgraded regularly, especially if you’ve been driving in areas with extreme temperatures.
  • Brake Check: Hybrid vehicles recycle energy, which means less heat when braking and a lower impact on the brakes. All of that means fewer brake pad checks and inspections, but you’ll still want to schedule brake care if you hear squealing when braking or your braking distance extends significantly.

For more information on Honda hybrid vehicle care, schedule a Honda service appointment at Pacific Honda in San Diego today.  


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