Wednesday, August 7, 2013

2013 Honda CR-V Featured In New "Hands" Spot

Every Lemon Grove Honda dealership remembers the Honda “Cog” commercial like it was yesterday, and with good reason. Really good Rube-Goldberg machines are impossible to look away from, and when one features loads of recognizable bits from Honda vehicles, the end result tends to be even more memorable.

But it wasn’t just yesterday that “Cog” debuted. In truth, it’s been ten years already, which should be sufficient in making all of us feel old. We’re not getting older, though; we’re getting better, just like each new Honda commercial. The 2013 follow-up to “Cog” is a new spot entitled “Hands,” which actually starts off with the same little nut that gets the Rube-Goldberg machine spinning in the first commercial.

“Hands” is different from its predecessor in that it uses a ton of CGI, but the end result is equally mesmerizing. The ad pulls in close on a couple of hands dexterously folding tiny versions of Honda technology like origami. One innovation folds right over into the next innovation, and by the end of the commercial we’ve seen everything from motorcycles to robots to the 2013 Honda CR-V. A Honda leaf-blower even makes a cameo, showing the full range of what Honda is capable of doing as a company.

Perhaps ten years from now, when we’re all even better than we are now, we’ll get another episode in this series of hypnotic advertisements. The first two are among our favorites in Honda history, and we think you’ll enjoy them, too. Check below for both “Hands” and “Cog.”


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