Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Honda and Project Drive-In Look to Save Theaters

We spend a lot of our time here at the Pacific Honda blog talking about new and upcoming models because, to be perfectly honest, that’s what the majority of our most loyal readers really care about. Sometimes, however, there are Honda stories worth covering even though they have nothing to do with a specific model.

In this case, we’re talking about Project Drive-In, an initiative Honda set up to save as many American drive-in theaters as possible.

By the end of 2013, all major motion pictures will be released in digital format only, meaning all those drive-ins with 35-millimeter film will no longer be able to play movies at their facilities. To do so would mean upgrading to a new digital film projector, but those cost upwards of $85,000. With how little drive-in theaters take in anyway, that would take a decade or more to pay off.

So Project Drive-In is attempting to help those businesses by raising money for new projectors. Here’s how you can help:
  1. Spread the word – What is social media good for if not getting something like this to go viral?
  2. Vote – There are 300+ drive-ins in the U.S., and this project won’t get them all new projectors. Your vote determines who gets the money. 
  3. Contribute – If you’ve got a few bucks to spare, why not help out? 
  4. Pledge to visit – Most importantly, we need to keep visiting these iconic American theaters, or they really will go extinct. 
Linda Vista Certified Honda dealers don’t want to see drive-in theaters disappear any more than you do, so help out Project Drive-In however you can, and get to a theater while the weather is still beautiful!

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