Thursday, May 3, 2018

Honda Vehicles for College Graduates

May is graduation month for America’s college seniors, which means many of these recent grads are mere weeks away from entering the workforce, thus ushering themselves in authentic adulthood. Very often, this rite of passage is accompanied by the purchase of a new (or certified pre-owned) Honda automobile.

Of course, young people don’t want just any car. They want something fuel efficient, trendy, and affordable. Bogged down with brand new student loans and what likely are fairly low starting salaries, they need cool cars they can afford. Thankfully, we’ve got a couple of models that fit those criteria right here at Pacific Honda.

The first option is the 2018 Honda Civic, which comes in so many different iterations that recent college grads should have no problem finding one they love. Available in both sedan and coupe body styles, the Honda Civic offers San Diego Honda customers plenty of options, all of which provide punchy-yet-efficient engines, loads of technology, and a sleek looking exterior.

The other is the 2019 Honda Fit, the most affordable new vehicle in the Honda stable. The inside of the vehicle is surprisingly spacious, the efficiency numbers are high, and like all Honda vehicles, even the base trims come with a backup camera and Bluetooth smartphone connectivity.

Graduation is right around the corner, so if you or your college grad are interested in having a closer look at these vehicles, come pay us a visit so we can send them to their adult career in style!

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