Thursday, June 21, 2018

Making Sense of Hybrid Honda Cars

The lineup of new Honda cars at Pacific Honda was, until recently, easy to keep sorted. Anyone who was even casually acquainted with the brand knew what to expect in terms of size and features when they compared a Honda Civic to a Honda Accord. But with new and upcoming hybrid models being added to the mix, the lines and distinctions are starting to blur. If you’re trying to determine where a Honda Clarity fits into the lineup relative to a Honda Civic, you may be a bit confused right now. Let’s clear that up, shall we?

Compact Class

The compact car class used to consist of the Honda Civic sedan, coupe, and hatchback. Those cars aren’t going anywhere, but now they’ve got company. The last time we saw a Honda Civic Hybrid was about four years ago, and when the time came to reintroduce a Honda compact hybrid car, we were graced with the Honda Insight. While there’s no EV, plug-in hybrid, or FCV variant in the compact class, we’re willing to bet that when they arrive, they’ll be more likely to carry the Insight nameplate than a Civic badge.

Mid-Size Class

Here, we’ve got the long-running Honda Accord and the recently redesigned Honda Accord Hybrid. So where does the Honda Clarity fit into the mix? These are also mid-sized, but the difference lies in the powertrains. Three of them, in fact, since the Honda Clarity comes with a plug-in hybrid (the Honda Accord Hybrid does not, and now it’s unlikely it ever will), as well as electric and fuel cell variants.

Why The Change?

Consistency in branding helps. However, the adoption of the Insight and Clarity model names is also a way to underscore that these are different models than anything we’ve seen from the Honda brand before. It’s worth noting that the branding and powertrains aren’t all that set the green Honda cars apart; their features and amenities are more geared toward luxury, which is especially pronounced when you compare the Honda Insight with the Honda Civic.

There’s another way to make sense of all this: come to the Pacific Honda showroom at 4761 Convoy St. in San Diego, CA to find out more about our current and upcoming models.


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