Sunday, August 12, 2018

Back to School? Get Back to Pacific Honda!

If kids dread going back to school, it’s something of a mixed bag for parents. On one hand, there’s a bit of peace and quiet around the house during the day, and you don’t have to play social planner to a troupe of ankle-biters. On the other hand, the house might be just a little too quiet… and there’s all that back to school shopping besides. A new Honda vehicle from Pacific Honda can help with the endless rounds of pick-ups, drop-offs, and activities in the months ahead, and has some other benefits as well.

The new Honda lineup has a lot to offer family-conscious drivers. While the Honda Fit won’t be a great fit if you have a huge family, it’s perfect if you’re a single parent with a kid or two. Besides, there’s something in our inventory for families of all shapes and sizes.

The Honda Odyssey minivan offers cavernous space and plenty of passenger volume. If your little one is at the center of her social circle, or if you find yourself bringing half the football team to practice, it’s a life-saver. The Honda CR-V is a perfect match for activities and city traffic alike. The Honda Pilot and even the Honda Ridgeline are great work-to-weekend vehicles, with the size and cargo space to handle everything from college move-in day to weekend getaways.

Of course, going back to school isn’t just kids’ stuff. Maybe your eldest is commuting to college for the first time, or maybe it’s you headed back to get your degree and set a good example for your kids. We have a selection of vehicles that’ll get you to class, work, and anywhere else you’re headed quickly and safely. If you need help picking the right car or SUV, call your San Diego Honda dealer at 858-694-1000, or just drop by Pacific Honda at 4761 Convoy St. in San Diego, CA.

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