Sunday, October 7, 2018

What Does the 2019 Honda Insight Offer San Diego Drivers?

The Honda brand seems to have a solid roadmap for electrification. The Honda Accord Hybrid is a long-time favorite at Pacific Honda, but it’s keeping company with some other new models. One of the most exciting is the 2019 Honda Insight hybrid, which combines an established name with some new technology. It all adds up to a great new car for San Diego shoppers.

The Honda Insight name graced a hybrid once before, but it looked nothing like this. The 2019 model splits the difference between the size and amenities of the existing Honda Civic and Honda Accord Hybrid, while bringing a sense of style all its own.

But it’s not just style on offer. The unique powertrain helps, too. Its 1.5-liter gas engine provides charging for a 151 net horsepower twin electric motor setup that provides a healthy 197 lb.-ft. of torque.

The fact that the engine is only there for charging purposes means no transmission, which in turn means less weight and better range. Weight is further controlled with lighter materials and some ingenious design, so you’re not sacrificing driving dynamics for efficiency.

There’s even more to love, especially once you’re in the driver’s seat. There’s more luxury than you might expect. There’s also a lot of technology here, starting with a dual digital display. One screen takes care of the infotainment system, Android Auto™, and Apple CarPlay™; the other takes the place of the usual profusion of gauges and gives you far more insight into your drive than a speedometer and odometer could.

Honda Sensing™ is standard across all trims, and its capabilities can be further expanded by the optional Honda LaneWatch system. All in all, this is a highly capable, attractive, and even fun hybrid. You can see it today at 4761 Convoy St. in San Diego, CA, home of Pacific Honda. Questions? Call us at 858-694-1000.


  1. Small engine but at least the torque of the disputes I like such rugged cars, this model I really like the appearance of a nice design. I would have to go for a test drive to see