Sunday, September 23, 2018

Car Theft: Keep Your Honda Vehicle from Being a Statistic

The Honda Civic and Honda Accord have long been popular here at Pacific Honda and with drivers here in the San Diego area and beyond. We’re proud of those cars, and the love most people have for them. We say “most” because not everyone who loves your car has honorable intentions. Those two models were the two most-stolen vehicles in the United States last year. Here’s how to keep your car off that list.

Cars are stolen for any number of reasons. Some are sold, others stripped of their parts, or simply taken for joyrides. No anti-theft solution is 100% effective, but because thieves need speed and low visibility to get away with stealing vehicles, anything that slows them down or raises their visibility works in your favor. So:

     Don’t leave your car running or step away with the keys in the ignition
     Even if you’re only going to be gone for a minute or two, lock the car
     Keep your key fob with you, and keep your spare somewhere hard to find
     Don’t park in the middle of nowhere, or someplace with poor light
     Don’t leave valuables where they’re visible; lock them in the trunk or glove compartment
     If a place or situation doesn’t seem safe, assume it’s not and move on

Remember to take advantage of your Honda car’s alarm, as well as the transponder chip on your ignition key. They’ll help make your car a harder target. You can also talk to your San Diego Honda dealer about accessories like telematics or a steering wheel immobilizer.

One last tip: your Honda dealer can help you uncover many great features in your car so you get the most use out of them. So don’t hesitate to stop by Pacific Honda at 4761 Convoy St. in San Diego, CA, or call us at 858-694-1000 with your questions, and stay safe out there!


  1. I am a happy owner of the Civic Honda and I recommend this car with a huge and sincere heart. It runs brilliantly. I have a version from 2016 and a great one.

  2. I did not know that they steal these car models so often, I have to be more careful in the city, although I have not had a strange incident related to the car.

  3. Well-known models, an interesting thing that just found out from what I learned it is easy to liquefy on the market and that's why these models simply go down the most.

  4. Honda makes a car that is reliable for me. I move on a Honda Civic every day and I honestly recommend this car. The price is not so high and yet the quality of the car is delightful. recommend

  5. I have Honda Civic since 2years and i recommend this car very much! Full of new technologies, confortable and in good price. Engine works quiet.
    And the most important for me is this car beuty

  6. Well, classically poor security good market and that's why they steal these models so often, it's worth installing a gps then we can track our car and it is not an expensive solution.

  7. If someone is imprudent, then the car will be stolen, unfortunately, I have this model for several years and I have not even had a suspicious situation related to this car.

  8. accordions I knew that they steal a neighbor from a driveway near his lot at night, I do not know how it happened and no one even noticed any cameras. You have to keep an eye on the car or in fact a safety system to mount.

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