Monday, June 17, 2019

A New Platform For Honda EVs

Here at Pacific Honda, we always keep an eye on the latest news about Honda vehicles. We pay especially close attention to green cars these days. They're becoming a bigger and bigger deal, and now the Honda brand has developed an all-new platform that's built just for them! Here's a closer look at how Honda engineers plan to build the next generation of Honda cars.

This new platform would be used to build electric vehicles. We already offer some hybrid options on our lot here in San Diego, including the 2019 Honda Insight and a hybrid version of the popular Honda Accord, but the Honda brand wants to add more all-electric models to its lineup. This platform is designed to build a capable green vehicle that doesn't sacrifice anything you love about conventional Honda models.

The first car to be built on this new EV platform is the Honda e. It's primed for a debut in Europe and may make its way to other markets later, but whether it makes it here to the United States or not its construction lets us know a bit more about future electric Honda cars. A car built on this new platform have a battery pack mounted within its wheelbase, giving it a lower center of gravity. The goal is a perfect weight distribution, giving these green cars the stable, fun driving experience you expect from the typical Honda car.

As for the Honda e itself, some of its tech is likely to end up in future green models as well. It has fast charging capabilities, with the ability to charge up to eighty percent in just half an hour. It also has rear view door cameras in place of traditional mirrors. We look forward to learning more about it and the rest of the electric cars built using this platform. We look forward to welcoming more green cars to our lineup!

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