Thursday, June 18, 2020

Securing Honda Financing at Pacific Honda

When you’re ready for a new car, you’ve got to start by determining your financing options. When it comes to Honda financing, we make the process as simple as can be at Pacific Honda. Our team of financial experts is ready to help you find the most competitive option available.

Get Preapproved

The first step in financing is determining what you can afford. We have a simple application online or we can help you at our finance center at our San Diego Honda dealership. We start by collecting your basic buying criteria: income, debt-to-income ratio, credit history, credit score, and more. Then, we can determine just how much you can afford and if that aligns with the new Honda vehicles you prefer.

What’s in a Car Payment?

Once approved, you need to ensure that your monthly payment is something you’re comfortable with. The total investment for your car is divided over a predetermined term that can be anywhere from two to seven years. A longer term can give you a lower monthly payment, although longer terms often result in a higher interest rate. Your interest rate is the fee you pay each month to your lender. This is measured as a percentage. It is also affected by your credit score.

Outside Factors

Is your monthly payment still higher than you’d like? You can also get a more affordable payment by lowering your total investment. The best way to do that is with a big down payment. That’s the cash you provide upfront. You can also use your existing vehicle as a down payment. There are tools to help you determine your trade-in value so you can see just how much you’re bringing to the table.
Have questions? Visit us at Pacific Honda – we’re happy to help!

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