Tuesday, June 9, 2020

The Innovative Space of the 2020 Honda Fit at Pacific Honda

There’s an abundance of style and function in the 2020 Honda Fit. The standout hatchback doesn’t just turn heads on the street, it also has a cabin you’ll love, complete with innovative space that’s easily configurable. The Honda Fit at Pacific Honda is a “fit” for anyone.

Generous Cargo Space

The Honda subcompact hatchback has “astonishing cargo capacity for its size” according to Motortrend. If you utilize the seat area, you have an impressive 52 cubic feet of cargo space. The addition of its innovative second-row magic seat lets you transform the seat into four modes: utility, long, tall, and refresh. Even without the seat area, you still have room for 16.6 cubic feet of cargo.

Second-Row Magic Seat

There are a plethora of ways to utilize the second-row magic seat. Utility mode lets you fold the seat flat, which leaves enough space for you to store a bike. Have something longer? Switch to long mode and fold down the passenger front and passenger-side rear seat. You can remove the headrests and fold up the rear seat which gives you up to four feet of vertical space. Refresh mode lets you fold the front seat back and recline the back seat to refresh yourself with a stretch or a snooze.
There are too many great things about the Honda Fit to mention, from technology and safety features to its smooth drive performance. The best way to see its true potential? Take it for a test drive. Stop in and see our team at our San Diego Honda dealership and let’s get out on the road.

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