Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Visit Your Honda Accord Dealer for a Range of Trim Levels


Want to buy the new Honda Accord? Start by meeting with your Honda Accord dealer. An incredibly popular sedan amongst all drivers, the 2021 Honda Accord is now available at Pacific Honda. Perfect for every kind of lifestyle, this new Honda car maximizes efficiency, safety, technology, and style.

Not sure which trim level is right for you? Here's a breakdown of some of the different trim levels offered on the new Honda Accord.

2021 Honda Accord LX: This sedan starts with an MSRP of $24,970 (excluding destination and handling) and is equipped with a 1.5L VTEC® turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. Other key features in this entry-level configuration include dual-zone climate control, push-button start, and a multi-angle rearview camera that makes reversing and parking easier than ever.

2021 Honda Accord Sport & Sport Special Edition: These two configurations offer drivers a sportier look and feel than the traditional new Honda Accord. In addition to integrated Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™, drivers can enjoy rugged new features like 12-inch alloy wheels, a leather-trimmed interior, and heated front seats.

2021 Honda Accord EX-L: A more luxurious trim level, this new Honda Accord comes with premium features like a 450-Watt Premium Audio System with 10 Speakers and a power-adjustable front passenger seat. Most notably, this model has an available 2.0L VTEC® turbocharged 4-cylinder engine for greater power and capability.

2021 Honda Accord Touring: If you want something truly luxurious, then you have to opt for the Touring model of the new Honda Accord. Key features in this sedan include the new mobile hotspot capability, wireless charging, and a state-of-the-art Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System™.

Buy a New Honda Accord

Now that you know which trim level of the new Honda Accord is right for you, it’s time to meet with our Honda finance team. In just a short amount of time, you can drive away as the proud owner of a new Honda Accord. 


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