Thursday, March 7, 2013

2013 Honda Fit Among Best Cars for the Money

Thanks to the internet, potential new car buyers can do a quick Google search at any time and justify the purchase of pretty much any make or model vehicle because some website somewhere listed it on some praise-spewing top ten list. Don’t get us wrong; we are in no way against these lists because our vehicles are featured on a whole lot of them, but the sources behind these write-ups aren’t always the most reliable.

However, should you ever bump into information from respected publications or organizations like J.D. Power & Associates, U.S. News, or the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, it’s definitely worth your time to pay attention to what those lists have to say.

Take, for example, the release of this year’s U.S. News Best Cars for the Money list, which includes the 2013 Honda Fit. This isn’t just some random car blogger’s opinions about the Fit; it’s a compilation of safety information from the IIHS and the federal government, reliability studies done by J.D. Power, cost analyses taken from data featured at, and quality studies done by U.S. News itself. The end result is a list of cars that are not only affordable, but also safe and consistently well-reviewed. If a car (like the Fit, for example) is on this list, chances are good that it’s going to be an excellent and affordable purchase.

San Diego, La Mesa, and Lemon Grove Honda dealers all are excited to know that the Fit is mentioned on the U.S. News list, and we’re also excited to have the opportunity to put our customers behind the wheel of one. So head on out to our facility sometime soon to take one for a test drive. We’re guessing you won’t need any internet article to convince you the Fit a great car.


  1. The Honda fit is a very affordable and reliable car, one of my coworkers have one and my girlfriend has a CRV and I can tell you, they love their vehicles. Great post!.

  2. Honda is one of the best cars among others. Apart from luxurious cars, Honda users are more in number. Its engine capacity, durability, efficiency, and resale value are quite good. Therefore day by day we have found thousands of new Honda users around the world.

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