Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What To Know About the 2013 Honda CR-Z

The 2013 Honda CR-Z is the beneficiary of a mid-cycle refresh, which means really good things for potential customers considering our small, two-door hybrid hatch. The following is just a list of some of those updates, so you know what goodies you can expect in the upgraded CR-Z:
  • Drivetrain Improvements – The electric motor has more juice this year, going from 10 kW to 15 kW, and there is a higher-voltage 144-volt Lithium-Ion battery pack. That jumps the horsepower up to 130 and the torque to 140 lb-ft, and also slightly boosts efficiency over the 2012 model year CR-Z.
  • Exterior Styling Upgrades – The front fascia is completely new on the 2013 Honda CR-Z, and the rear diffuser is now a little more aerodynamic. The 16-inch alloy wheels also will get a new finish, and we’re offering two new exterior paint options for the vehicle: Passion Berry Pearl and Polished Metal Metallic.
  • Interior Styling Upgrades – There is a new metallic trim on the doors, locks, center console, speaker grilles, and lower steering wheel spokes, which adds a certain level of class to the insides of this hybrid. The inner door panels have been redesigned as well, giving greater access to storage space in the door and adding room for a water bottle holder.
If you’re considering a 2013 Honda CR-Z, Lemon Grove area dealerships like ourselves would love to get you behind the wheel of one for a test drive. The changes in this year’s model are relatively minor, but they do boost the overall CR-Z experience. Why not find a way to love something you already loved, but just a little bit more?

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