Saturday, June 22, 2013

2014 Hybrid Accord

 Two bits of news about the upcoming 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid have been released, but still not enough to have a complete picture of the revamped gas-electric that will come to the US this October.

First, and this applies to the US model, the Accord Hybrid has been given an estimated 49-miles-per-gallon EPA city fuel economy rating along with 45 mpg highway and 47 mpg combined thanks to some high-tech wizardry – a.k.a. two-motor hybrid powertrain – that is similar to what's already available in the 115 MPGe Accord Plug-In. The Accord will be Honda's first hybrid to be assembled in Marysville, OH. You'll find many more details in the press release below.

Over in Japan, where we already knew fuel economy estimates, the story is a little more complete. Namely, that pricing for the new Accord Hybrid will start at 3,650,000 yen (US $37,260). That's a whopping 610,000 yen ($6,227) more than the competition is charging for the Toyota Camry Hybrid and also a lot more than the standard Accord in Japan, which starts at around $25,500. Analysts say this price premium is "a good strategy" for the extra fuel economy and should keep the Accord nipping at the Camry's heels, saleswise.

The big question is: does this help us guess how much the Accord Hybrid will cost stateside? Not really. Honda's Jessica Fini told AutoblogGreen, "We don't have pricing on the US version yet. That information will be available closer to the on-sale in October. It would be challenging to compare the Japan pricing strategy to what will happen with the US model since the markets are pretty different." For example, she added, "The Accord in Japan is a premium model – in the article they compare it to a Lexus in the US – so that should also provide some perspective on how they are pricing it here. Certainly the US Accord has a different position here in the market."

In the US, the standard Accord starts at $21,680 while the 2014 Plug-In begins at $39,780, and we're pretty certain the hybrid will slot between the two.

By: Sebastian Blanco

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