Saturday, June 15, 2013

Honda Named Among Most Valuable Brands

In the automotive world, every maker of cars, trucks, and SUVs wants to feel valued by the general public for which they are making those very vehicles. After all, so much time, effort, and money goes into the engineering of those vehicles, that it would be a sad thing if consumers didn’t value all the hard work.

 Knowing that, we here at Pacific Honda were very happy to see that Honda finished second among non-luxury auto brands in the most recent BrandZ Top 100 global survey, which projects the overall value in earnings for all the major brands in the world. Market research firm Millward Brown gathers loads of information to determine in what direction a brand is moving, as well as how much the organization figures to be worth by year’s end, and then ranks all these companies by their findings.

Honda, at $12.4 billion, is the fourth most valuable automaker overall, the second most valuable non-luxury auto brand, and the 71st most valuable brand across all categories, not just automobiles. Obviously, brands like Apple and Google and McDonald’s are the ones that top this list, but considering only six automakers even cracked the Top 100, we’re very happy with where Honda finished.

 In fact, all Lemon Grove Honda dealers are happy with what this means for sales this year. Projections are good, folks, and we know our great lineup of cars and excellent customer service has a lot to do with that. In fact, we’re banking on being even more valuable as a brand next year. That’s how great we feel about the direction in which we’re headed.

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  1. Its happend only for there new Sales Classes
    and there new concept, new models etc etc.