Thursday, October 9, 2014

2014 Honda Civic Among Most Worry-Free Vehicles

When buying a new vehicle, the last thing consumers want to do is worry about their latest purchase. There’s nothing worse, after all, than buying anything brand new only to discover that it’s a much bigger headache than expected. Luckily, Honda is an automaker with a reputation for making sturdy, reliable automobiles. Worry shouldn’t be part of the equation, and according to the recent Worry-Free Index put out by, it probably won’t be, especially if you own a 2014 Honda Civic.

The index, which looks at reliability scores given out by hundreds of customers, also considers data from industry leaders in vehicle reliability. Those two sources of information, combined with warranty information and five-year estimated ownership costs, paints a pretty all-encompassing picture as to which vehicles are most likely to provide their owners smiles rather than headaches.

For its part, the Civic is lauded for lasting a long time with minimal mechanical issues, while high efficiency keeps fuel costs reasonably low for consumers. Strong reviews for up-to-date technologies that actually work how they’re supposed to and a long Honda track record of building cars that can stand the test of time help show why this attractive, efficient little vehicle remains among the best-sellers in the Honda stable.

Honda dealers across the country have long preached that the vehicles they’re selling are among the most worry-free cars in the industry, but a little support from the Worry-Free Index goes a long way toward justifying those claims. We don’t want our customers to have headaches, after all, which is why choosing a new Honda Civic as one’s new car is so often a wise choice.

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