Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Affordable Honda Civic Earns High Marks

As adults, we tend to think that our relationship with grades ends the minute we finish our final day in the classroom. No more worrying about getting a C on that paper, or a D on that test. We’re grown-ups now, which should mean that grades don’t matter anymore--except they do, especially when we’re looking at buying a new car.

Edmunds, for those that aren’t familiar with the popular online car-review site, looks at over 200 new models a year and writes in-depth analyses spelling out the finer points of each. At the top of each review, however, is a grade, and of course “A” is still the mark automakers strive for.

The good news is that we here at Pacific Honda stock plenty of Edmunds A-Rated cars, one of which is the 2014 Honda Civic, but the Civic recently earned extra recognition for being A-Rated and affordable.

Edmunds put together a list of five A-Rated vehicles that start under $20,000, and of course the Civic was among them. Lauded for its high fuel-efficiency numbers, plentiful standard technology, slick looks and high safety scores, the Civic is one of our best-sellers every year. It doesn’t take a grade for them to know it’s a good car, but high marks certainly have gone a long way toward justifying what most of us already inherently knew about it.

Reviewer grades alone aren’t enough to go off of when making a new vehicle purchase, but they can serve as one straw in a giant bale of information one considers in the process. This particular straw is a pretty good one.

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