Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Honda College Graduate Program Offers $500 Credit to Grads

Families with seniors in college either attended their graduation ceremonies recently or will do so over the course of the next week or two, and while there are few things more thrilling than seeing a child achieve something so momentous, the reality for the former students is that with college done, real adult life has no choice but to begin.

Thankfully, there are plenty of college grads with jobs lined up for the months following their graduation, but they’re all going to have to find their way to those jobs somehow, most likely in a stylish yet reliable vehicle. Luckily for them, Honda has created the College Graduate Program that helps get them started with a free gift of $500 toward the purchase of a 2014 or newer Honda automobile.

There are, of course, a few stipulations, but none of them are ridiculous. For starters, these graduates will have to finance their new vehicles through Honda Financial Services, and they will need either proof of employment or at least a firm commitment from an employer. Like with any other automotive transaction, we’ll need access to credit scores and other documents, and in this case the buyer needs to have no averse credit history (though lack of credit isn’t necessarily a problem). Finally, they’ll just need a 5 percent down payment and proof of graduation during the last two years, and voila! A free $500 credit will be theirs to apply to a new Honda vehicle.

Graduating college is very exciting, so the dedicated staff at Pacific Honda would like to offer congratulations to all of those young people that are experiencing that honor this month. And may their first adult cars be new Honda cars!

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