Saturday, November 14, 2015

2016 Honda Pilot Models Rock SEMA

In a lot of ways, the SEMA show held annually in Las Vegas is one of the most unique and entertaining auto exhibitions in the industry today. Since it focuses on aftermarket customization and crazy concepts, there really is very little limit to what an automaker will bring for the viewing pleasure of the masses. Even relatively conservative models can look fairly outrageous (and awesome) when put on display at SEMA with a handful of personalization options added.

 The 2016 Honda Pilot, for example, is one of our best-selling family vehicles because of its prowess as a people-pusher and grocery-getter, but Honda this year sent two custom versions of the SUV with some really interesting modifications.

The first of these two models is the Pilot Black Edition concept, which is as black and imposing at its name suggests. While the dark paint color and accessories are what tie everything together in this vehicle, it really does serve as a good example of things consumers actually could have done to a real new Honda model following the initial purchase. With special black wheels, window trim, grille, bumper trim and door handles, this is a truly sleek-looking automobile.

Beyond that, Honda sent another Pilot, the Baja Desert Pre-Runner, as a bit of a companion to a race-ready Honda Ridgeline that also made an appearance at SEMA. Both models are plastered with Honda Racing decals and a white-and-red color scheme. The Pilot, however, is blessed with larger tires and off-road hardware to ready it for the SCORE Baja 1000. It really is a completely different type of Pilot model than what most consumers are used to seeing.

But then again, that’s sort of the entire point of the SEMA show.


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