Monday, November 2, 2015

Honda Introduces New Clarity HFC Vehicle

While America waits for a workable infrastructure for hydrogen fuel vehicles, automakers continue to push out more and more HFC automobiles, with Honda coming up with the most recent (and arguably the most intriguing) one yet.

This one comes in the guise of the Honda Clarity fuel cell vehicle concept, which debuted late last month at the Tokyo Motor Show to considerable critical praise. Like other HFC vehicles, the Clarity consumes hydrogen and emits only water vapor, which right off the bat makes it a much more environmentally-friendly fuel source than standard gasoline, but this particular hydrogen fuel cell drivetrain has been built much smaller than previous versions, occupying only about as much space as a typical V6 engine. That means more space for passengers and for cargo. It also means that whether or not the Clarity ever comes to the U.S. – and right now it’s slated only for release in Japan – the engine technology is strong enough (and compact enough) to appear under the hoods of existing Honda models.

Once there are more hydrogen fueling stations in the U.S., or once engineers discover a way for consumers to refuel their vehicles from the comfort of their own garages, it is entirely possible to imagine a future in which this sort of automobile is the standard rather than the exception. With a 400-mile range and a three-minute refueling process, there is a lot to like here when compared to today’s characteristic plug-in electric hybrid. As your San Diego Honda dealership we here at Pacific Honda are very excited about what this means for the future of cars, and we can’t wait to see whether the Clarity or something like it finds its way to our facility here in California, where the current hydrogen infrastructure is strongest.

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