Sunday, March 6, 2016

2013 Honda Fit Earns J.D. Power Dependability Segment

New cars get all of the attention, and for good reason. Pixar is working on their fourth “Toy Story” movie to remind us that the newest, shiniest toys are the ones human beings naturally gravitate toward. Of course, those movies also tell us that it’s important not to forget the wonderful toys of the past, and in the automotive world that idea is reinforced annually by the J.D. Power & Associates Dependability Study.

This study, which looks at three-year-old automobiles and judges them on 177 potential problems they could encounter during their first 36 months of life, exists for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, it gives consumers a sense of how a certain line of automobiles might age, and some inevitably do so much more gracefully than others. Secondly, it lets consumers looking for a great used Honda in San Diego know which reasonably recent cars, trucks and SUVs have escaped their childhoods in as close to original working condition as possible.

This year, it proved a pleasant surprise to the people here at Pacific Honda to discover that the 2013 Honda Fit was among the segment winners on the 2016 Dependability Study. As the top “Small Car” in the industry, the Fit exhibited the fewest problems across all the major judging categories, which include Exterior, Engine/Transmission, Audio/Communication/Entertaining/Navigation, Interior, Driving Experience, Features/Controls/Displays, Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning, and finally, Seats.

While the latest iteration of Fit has since been refreshed, there’s no denying that the outgoing Fit was a pretty decent car, as well, and these findings should help people looking into a certified pre-owned Honda while also justifying the purchases some consumers when made when they bought a brand new Fit in the first place just three years ago!


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