Sunday, March 13, 2016

New Honda Civic Among Quickest Non-Performance Cars

Before the current iteration of the car, consumers have not typically looked at the Honda Civic as a performance vehicle. In some ways that could change a bit with some of the new styles of 2016 Honda Civic being released over the course of the next several months, but historically, California drivers have been content to accept the sedan as a modest, efficient, and safe automobile.

But as we said, that’s changing with the 2016 model year version of the vehicle, which recently was featured on a Motor Trend list of non-performance cars offering surprisingly considerable performance. Every vehicle on the list had to boast a zero-to-60 time under nine seconds, and no hot hatches or roadsters were considered. These are strictly everyday automobiles that provide better-than-expected driving experiences, and here at Pacific Honda we were very pleased to see the 2016 Honda Civic Touring model lauded for its get-up-and-go.

Its 7.2-second zero-to-60 time actually was one of the better ones on the list, and it also was able to run a quarter mile in only 15.5 seconds at a top speed of 92.4 mph. While those numbers aren’t winning the Daytona 500 any time soon, they are enough to pleasantly surprise San Diego Honda owners who never would have expected a Civic to be so fun to drive.

We have the new turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine and its 174 hp to thank for that, and the best news is that the new Civic didn’t have to sacrifice any of the things it formerly was known for in order to tack on the extra zip. At the very least, this makes test drives more fun for us, and at most it’s going to make a whole generation of Civic owners look at the model a whole lot differently.

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