Sunday, July 10, 2016

Honda Accord Celebrates 40th Anniversary

The Honda Accord recently celebrated its 40th birthday, proving that while so many automobiles have come and gone over the years, the truly great ones are more than welcome to usher themselves gracefully into middle age.

Of course, it’s a little unfair to call a vehicle as sharp and modern and technologically-advanced as the Accord “middle aged” when it looks a lot more like a stylish twentysomething, but one thing we can’t deny is that in its four decades of life, the Honda Accord has continually figured out how to appeal to the masses and remain one of the most popular automobiles in the industry. That’s the reason we celebrate the vehicle’s 40th birthday here at Pacific Honda, and that’s why San Diego, CA Honda customers continue to buy these celebrated sedans as we get underway in their fifth decade of existence.

The Honda Accord first made its way to the U.S. in 1982, when the Honda brand set up a manufacturing plant in Ohio that would eventually prove to be the first successful non-domestic auto plant in the country’s history. By 1989, the already popular Honda Accord would continue its rise to fame in the U.S., the first time that such an honor would go to a vehicle not developed and manufactured in Detroit, MI.

Anybody is welcome to come celebrate with us by taking the 2016 Honda Accord for a test drive here at Pacific Honda. One of our sales associates would love to get you behind the wheel of this esteemed automobile, if only so you can see just how far the Honda Accord has come over time. It’s come a long way from the little 74-hp sedan we first saw in the ‘70s, and we’re looking forward to seeing how it continues to grow in the future.

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