Thursday, September 8, 2016

Honda HR-V Rocks Long-Term Review

The all-new Honda HR-V is still the baby of the family here at Pacific Honda, which means we still have our fair share of customers that aren’t entirely sure what they would think about owning one of them long-term. Many return buyers have owned Honda Civic or Honda Accord models for years and feel completely comfortable purchasing new versions of those, but even a test drive of the Honda HR-V wouldn’t give an all-encompassing picture of what it would be like to own the small crossover over time. Knowing that, how is a customer supposed to get a better idea of what long-term ownership would be like?

One option is reading a long-term review from a respected online source like Kelley Blue Book, who in fact recently wrapped up a seven-month test drive of the aforementioned 2016 Honda HR-V. They received the vehicle all the way back in January and logged 7,000 miles to discover what makes the new CUV tick, and as it turns out the experience of owning the vehicle is every bit as delightful as San Diego, CA Honda fans might expect.

According to, “We found a lot to like in this new Honda… Given the vehicle’s solid credentials for today and high-value prospects for tomorrow, there’s no doubt it’s a player that merits serious consideration.”

For any San Diego, CA customers in the market for a new crossover, we encourage you to read the full review and then pay us a visit sometime soon to take it for a test drive. It truly is a wonderful little automobile that already has carved out a nice niche in our lineup, and the good news is that after seven months, you’re still going to love it as much as you did the first day.

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