Sunday, September 18, 2016

Honda Shows Value of Genuine Parts in Spoof Ad

Let’s say it’s time for an oil change, or you’ve got some sort of major auto repair that needs done, and you’re trying to decide where you should get all of that work completed for a reasonable price. Plenty of people opt to go the cheap, corner auto store route, doing whatever they can to save as much money as possible. However, at Pacific Honda, we’d argue that reaching out to our friendly Honda service center near San Diego, CA would be a much better choice for the overall health and integrity of your automobile.

The Honda brand would seem to agree, as the auto manufacturer recently put out a parody video of their famous “Cog” advertisement that essentially works toward that very message.

For those that may have forgotten the original advertisement, “Cog” was released in 2003 as a spot to push the new Honda Accord. It features a Rube-Goldberg machine made entirely of Honda parts, and for two solid minutes it completely wraps up the viewer, forcing them to watch to the very end.

In the new spoof, “Kog,” the Honda brand uses parts that are not their own, with the result being a sad 17 seconds of film that stops the Rube-Goldberg machine before it even has a chance to get going. The end tag line is one that preaches the values of Genuine Honda auto parts which, as we’ve already stated, is a message that carries some weight.

If you find yourself needing any sort of service of maintenance done on your Honda vehicle, simply give us a call and we’ll get you all set up with one of our trained service technicians in no time. We take pride in our work, and Genuine Honda auto parts ensure that the job gets done well. Stop in and see us soon!

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