Sunday, October 23, 2016

Honda Finally Wraps Up Serial One Project

Perhaps you’ve heard that Honda vehicles are incredibly reliable autos on the face of the planet. And if not, may we present to you the recently restored 1969 Honda N600, the first Honda vehicle to puts its tires to American pavement. Admittedly, the version of Honda N600 that still runs has spent the better part of 2016 undergoing massive restoration, but the fact that a vehicle this old could find itself up and running at all just goes to show how great the automaker was even in its infancy here in the United States.

The restoration was part of a project called Serial One. Mechanic Tim Mings has put months into painstakingly reassembling this fantastic automobile in order to get it running. Finally, just this month, he was able to call his project complete. The resulting Honda N600 is a thing of vintage beauty.

Its 598cc engine only pushes out 42 mph and tops out at a mere 80 mph, but it was a great first effort for a brand that eventually would become a powerhouse in the American automotive industry. While you won’t find this vehicle at your friendly neighborhood Honda dealership serving Lemon Grove, CA, enjoying its glory online is almost just as fun.

There are, of course, plenty of other great used cars in San Diego, CA available for sale, including a ton of nice ones here at Pacific Honda. Stop by any time to take one for a test drive, and be thankful that the Honda brand has come a long way from tiny sedans with the power output of a moped. Despite all the time that has passed since then, Honda engineers still make reliable vehicles that just get better every year.

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