Sunday, June 18, 2017

Summer Activities in San Diego, CA

There is nothing quite like summertime in California, especially San Diego, CA, where the weather is amazing and the list of things to do is long and eclectic. Here at Pacific Honda, we have a few favorite suggestions for summer activities here in the area, so check these out, hope into your Honda cars and SUVS, and make the most of this amazing city this summer!

The 59-Mile Scenic Drive – Hop behind the wheel of your 2017Honda Accord or 2017 Honda CR-V and enjoy 59 straight miles through San Diego’s neighborhoods to see the best of what this city has to offer. Away from the ocean, there’s no lovelier drive in California!

Stagecoach Days – Head over to Old Town to see what life in early San Diego and the Wild West would have been look like. These events run from early July to the end of August and is a lot of fun for kids and adults!

Summer Car Shows – Honda fans can appreciate great old cars of any make or model, and events like the Cajon Classic Cruise, Cruisin’ Grand Escondido, and Encinitas Classic Car Nights give passersby a great look at some gorgeous old automobiles.

Ramona County Fair – One of the best ways to end the summer is to hit up the Ramona County Fair, which offers all the staples of such an invent, including carnival rides, games, vendors, beer and wine gardens, and of course plenty of great entertainment!

Obviously, this is just the beginning, as there are many more great things to do in and around San Diego, CA this summer. Get into your Honda vehicles and experience everything you possibly can this summer. Like we said, there really is no place quite like California in the summertime!


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