Friday, September 22, 2017

2017 Honda Clarity: A Honda Vehicle like No Other

California always has been at the forefront of alternative fuel automobiles and to this day remains one of the only states with any sort of advanced infrastructure to support EVs and hydrogen fuel cell cars on a wide scale. For that reason, we are probably a lot more excited about the 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell than Honda dealerships in other states, but that’s only because our San Diego Honda customers are going to be provided with more opportunities to own and use the vehicle as it was intended.

While EVs are great, fuel cell vehicles are even better from an environmental standpoint, as they emit only water vapor as “waste.” With the longer range and cleaner emissions, there is a strong argument that the Honda Clarity actually is greener than any vehicle that runs on 100 percent electricity.

Beyond that, though, the car is comfortable, spacious, and loaded with slick new technologies, just like every other lauded Honda model currently available for purchase here at Pacific Honda. The infotainment system is controlled via touchscreen and/or voice controls, while the interior is laced with high-quality materials and plenty of leg room for all drivers. It even comes with a $15,000 fuel stipend for the three-year least period.

No doubt about it, the new Honda Clarity is a vehicle that people here in California are falling in love with, and we are no different here at Pacific Honda. Come check the vehicle out in person any time to get an up close and personal look at it!

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