Thursday, September 7, 2017

Honda SUVs Offer Great Options

The SUVs that Honda sells, though fairly limited in terms of diversity, are quite frankly some of the most respected, most lauded and most purchased SUVs and crossovers in the automotive industry today. The 2017 Honda CR-V, for example, has been a widelypopular SUV in the industry for years at this point, while the 2017 Honda Pilot and 2018 Honda HR-V both bring their own fair share of boons to the table.
If you have been considering a new SUV of late, we would recommend stopping by Pacific Honda sometime soon to have a closer look at one of the following:

2018 Honda HR-V – It may be small, but this model is just as versatile and utilitarian as its bigger siblings. It is efficient, incredibly safe, and rather stylish, which is why customers have been eager to pounce on the lower price and modern technologies.

2017 Honda CR-V – Frankly, this vehicle sells itself, but it does that because it is maneuverable and efficient and loaded to the brim with advanced infotainment and safety tech. It doesn’t look all that big, but there is a surprising amount of storage space and leg room in a vehicle that drives like a sedan. There is, after all, a reason it has won so many awards in its lifetime.

2017 Honda Pilot – The largest SUV in the family, the Honda Pilot does many of the things our Honda Odyssey does, but in a more stylish, more powerful package. It is big enough to handle just about anything, whether that be big cargo or big families.

As your Honda dealership serving San Diego, CA, we just want to get you behind the wheel of an SUV that you love, and these models have proven to be incredibly loveable by other customers. There is little reason why they shouldn’t also make you just as happy.

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  1. my brother needed to buy a new car that would come in handy in every way a working married man needs one. and also, this has got style too so i wil be recommending it to him