Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Great Honda Models for Back-to-School

Now that we are a few weeks into the school year, college students in San Diego, CA likely have a pretty good idea as to whether or not they’re going to need a vehicle for the duration of the year. For those that have been putting off the purchase, there are a number of truly excellent back-to-school vehicles right here at Pacific Honda, including the 2017 Honda Civic, 2018 Honda Fit, and 2018 Honda HR-V.
In a lot of ways, the latest Honda Fit is the quintessential vehicle for college students. Not only is it the most affordable automobile in our stable of cars, but it also is among the most efficient and most fun to drive. It’s got a slick, hip look to the exterior, is absolutely loaded with technological features and offers top-shelf safety features and safety ratings. It’s flexible in terms of cargo, too, so all that moving students do in their late teens and early 20s is made easier thanks to this car.

A lot of the same things could be said for the 2017 Honda HR-V, a model that was brand new a year ago and already is taking San Diego by storm because of its versatility, technology, safety, and comfort. It’s a little more well-appointed than the Honda Fit, which is why its price tag is a little higher, too.

Finally, there’s the 2017 Honda Civic, a widely popular student-friendly Honda cars. Frankly, this is a great value for just about anybody, but a student could buy this vehicle and have it last well into their professional adult lives after school. It’s reliable, efficient, and modern, making it exciting for students and appropriate for adults.

If you would like to check out any of these great vehicles for students, come pay us a visit here at Pacific Honda and we’ll be happy to get you set up for a test drive!


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