Thursday, May 2, 2019

The Honda Civic Type R Hits the Nurburgring

The cars here at Pacific Honda aren't just dependable. A car like the 2019 Honda Civic is also a ton of fun to drive. And if you're really looking for performance, we have variants like the Honda Civic Type R that you can drive away in. Now a recently spotted test mule is giving us a little bit of insight into what a next-generation or new variant of this “hot hatch” might have to offer.

A new version of the Honda Civic Type R was recently spotted on the Nurburgring, a race track tailor-made for performance cars. Naturally, it was under some camouflage, but we were still able to pick out some details.

The most obvious thing about this Honda Civic Type R was its color, Phoenix Yellow. This shade hasn't been available in the United States before, so this could be a sign that a new color is one thing that we're getting.

The camouflage covered the roof, which could indicate that a new carbon fiber roof is going to be a part of the package. The hood's air scoop is also covered up, which might show us that some changes are in the works for that as well.

This model also has a lower spoiler than before. This might not replace this model's iconic “wing” though. Instead, it could just mean that drivers are getting a more subtle option if they would like one. Both bumpers have also been updated. We can't wait to see what else a new version of the Honda Civic Type R has to offer!

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