Friday, April 16, 2021

Why OEM Honda Parts Might Be Cheaper


When you need replacement parts for your Honda vehicle, the options can be literally limitless. However, with Honda parts for cheap, it’s important to consider the quality of your replacement. That’s where OEM parts at Pacific Honda come in.

What are OEM Parts?

When dealerships or mechanics discuss OEM parts, they are referring to Original Equipment Manufacturer parts. These are genuine parts that are made by the same company that built your vehicle in the first place.

What’s the Benefit of OEM Parts?

There are lots of benefits to using OEM parts. Because they were built by the same team that you’re your vehicle, you know they’ll be a perfect fit. They’re also genuine parts, so your vehicle will be able to maintain value—saving you money on the resale.

Genuine part replacements also help keep your warranties intact, further saving you money. Plus, OEM parts often include their own warranties to protect you if something should go wrong.

How Can OEM Parts be Cheaper?

It’s usually cheaper to buy aftermarket parts since they don’t offer the same quality. However, if you factor in the total cost, OEM Honda parts might be cheaper.

  • Since they are higher quality products, they are less likely to need to be replaced again, resulting in cost savings for you.
  • They include warranties which will save you money if they do need to be replaced.
  • They help keep your warranties intact which will help you save if your vehicle should have other issues down the road.
  • They preserve your vehicle’s value if you plan on trading down the road.

Does your vehicle need a part replacement? Visit our San Diego Honda service center – we can help you secure OEM parts and have them expertly installed for you too!


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