Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Are Used Honda Cars Reliable?


There are so many benefits to buying a used Honda at Pacific Honda. We understand lots of shoppers can be hesitant to buy a used car or SUV. Just how reliable is a used Honda vehicle?

Are Used Honda Vehicles Reliable?

Every used vehicle is truly different. Their reliability depends on how well the model has been cared for. Vehicles need routine maintenance, including regular oil changes, tire rotations, and multi-point inspections. When a vehicle receives regular maintenance, it can last well upwards of 100,000 miles.

It also helps to have a clear picture of a vehicle’s history. A vehicle history report can give you a clear picture of how your vehicle was used and cared for:

  • How many owners the vehicle has had
  • If the vehicle has been involved in an accident
  • The open recalls on the vehicle
  • Its maintenance and repair history

Which Vehicles Should I Consider?

You really can’t go wrong when it comes to a used Honda vehicle. They are all built with superior quality and are intended to last. The Honda Accord is known as one of the most reliable midsize sedans available.

The Honda Civic is also highly rated in terms of reliability. Of course, any well-cared-for Honda vehicle is one you can drive for years to come.

Do I Need a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle?

If you’re still unsure of a used vehicle’s reliability, you might want to consider a certified pre-owned vehicle. They go through an extensive inspection process to qualify. They also offer added assurances to give you the peace of mind you crave:

  • Seven-year/100,000-mile powertrain coverage
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • CARFAX® vehicle history report

Ready to find the perfect new-to-you used Honda vehicle? Visit our Honda dealership in San Diego, CA to find your ideal option today! 


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