Saturday, April 6, 2013

2014 Honda Odyssey to Offer Built-In Vacuum

It’s probably safe to say that the overwhelming majority of people that purchase a new minivan are doing so because they’ve got too many children (with too much stuff) for a more traditional family sedan, and it’s also probably safe to say that the overwhelming majority of those children care little for the cleanliness of said minivan.

The hard way to take care of that is to invest in a shop vac or make frequent trips to a public car wash that does interior vacuuming, but Lemon Grove Honda dealers would rather not supply you with a vehicle that requires anything be done the hard way. So what’s the easy way? How about a built-in vacuum cleaner, which will be offered on a higher trim of the upcoming 2014 Honda Odyssey?

We’re going to guess that your fancy has been tickled, especially if you’ve got the kinds of kids that sprinkle Cheerios around your vehicle the way flower girls drop rose petals at a wedding ceremony. How convenient would it be to have a vacuum cleaner just built right into the vehicle so that you can clean up any mess you want at literally any time you want? The answer is, “extremely convenient,” which is why Honda engineers thought this first-time minivan perk would be worth adding to the new Odyssey.

Kids are never going to stop being messy. It’s ingrained in their DNA and sometimes doesn’t ever leave, even when they’re adults. But the HondaVAC should help with that problem in one of the coolest ways it could have ever been done.

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