Sunday, December 15, 2013

2014 Honda Civic Adds More iPhone Connectivity

Over half of Americans with cell phones have made the leap to smartphones, which, when combined with a brand new Honda vehicle like the recently-released 2014 Honda Civic, has made life a heck of a lot easier (and safer) than it was just a few years ago.

The new Civic has paid extra special attention to its connectivity to the Apple iOS operating system, used with the insanely popular iPhone device. In particular, there are two new technologies in the 2014 Civic that help link up with an iPhone. The first is the built-in Display Audio Interface, which uses a seven-inch touchscreen to control smartphone-style Honda apps, which provide access to all sorts of information and entertainment that would not have been available in cars even five or six years ago.

The second Apple-related upgrade is with the HondaLink app platform that actually mirrors mobile versions of apps that are available only on smartphones. Some of these include Connect, Navigation, Aha, and Launcher, all of which are now available in iOS and HondaLink. These allow for everything from navigation with real-time traffic and turn-by-turn directions to weather, social networking, text messaging, and more.

Lemon Grove Honda dealers are very excited to have the new 2014 Honda Civic finally arrive, and we here at Pacific Honda are especially thrilled because we know what this means for all of our customers with iPhones. It’s never been easier to connect a phone to your car, and together, they’re making life much easier for drivers than ever before.

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