Tuesday, June 10, 2014

2014 Honda Accord, Odyssey Among Most Practical Vehicles

As a brand, Honda has always prided itself on engineering and manufacturing automobiles that the common consumer would consider “practical.” While there is a model in our lineup for pretty much every automotive sensibility, they all have in common the reliability that has attached itself to these beloved everyday vehicles for decades. They are efficient, spacious and safe, which is why so many of our regular customers have remained so pleased with them.

Now, as it turns out, Forbes is rather pleased with them, as well. The 2014 Honda Accord and 2014 Honda Odyssey, specifically, earned praise recently on’s list of “15 Most Practical Cars for the Money,” meaning that if a consumer is going to spend his or her hard-earned cash on a vehicle that they hope offers maximum practicality, it’s hard to get more bang for your buck than with an Accord or Odyssey.

The Accord is among the most efficient midsize sedans in the industry, but the latest generation also bumped up trunk space and added a bunch of great standard technology like rearview camera and Pandora interface.

The Odyssey, meanwhile, has tons of cargo and passenger space, very reasonable efficiency for a minivan and even features a built-in vacuum cleaner. There’s no questioning that it’s a practical family vehicle, but really, so is the Accord.

Any of our vehicles offer their fair share of practicality, but these two were Forbes’ favorites for this particular list. You certainly won’t hear us complain, and we’re hoping for more love from this respected publication in the future.

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