Sunday, June 15, 2014

Honda Civic Hybrid Dominates High-Mileage Hybrid Study

We here at Pacific Honda have found that it’s not uncommon to hear stories about patrons’ experiences with Honda Civic models that have a ton of miles on them. To hear about a 200,000-mile Civic isn’t an entirely surprising experience, and we’ve even had people come in and brag about vehicles pushing 300,000 miles.

Hybrid Honda Civic vehicles, though, are a different animal, not only because they’re a relatively new type of drivetrain, but because the way people drive them is very different from the gas version of the vehicle. The gas-run 2014 Honda Civic, for example, is more efficient on the highway than the hybrid, while the hybrid is better in the city. The kind of miles accrued are different, and that combined with the newness of hybrids in general makes 150,000-mile vehicles a little tougher to come by.

They aren’t completely rare, however, and a recent study by iSeeCars found that there are a higher percentage of Honda Civic hybrid vehicles with 150,000+ miles on the road today than any other make and model of hybrid in the industry.

In other words, of all the hybrids in the country with that sort of mileage, 5.4% of them are Honda Civic Hybrid models, more than any other vehicle. The study wasn’t really able to site any reason for this, which is particularly interesting since there are a larger number of total hybrids out on the road from other some automakers. Whatever the reason, this just tells us that, like their gas counterparts, Honda Civic Hybrid vehicles can roll for a very long time!

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