Saturday, September 20, 2014

2014 Honda Civic is Tech-Savvy and Affordable

There are a lot of things that the general car-buying public cares about when considering the purchase of a new Honda vehicle, including efficiency, safety, style, power, comfort and even trunk space. However, these days there are few things consumers care about more than technology. More present now in modern-day automobiles than they ever have been, infotainment systems have completely changed the way people drive, and with new advanced safety technologies, there are more than enough ways that a driver can experience first-hand what amazing things modern-day technology can accomplish.

Honda, as a brand, has shown a remarkable commitment to offering as much standard technology as possible, as evidenced by the 2014 Honda Civic. Recently included on the Kelley Blue Book list of “10 Tech-Savvy Cars Under $20,000,” the latest Civic is loaded with great standard tech, including a rearview mirror, 5-inch LCD customizable screen, Bluetooth connectivity, text-to-voice message reading and special Pandora and USB audio interfaces.

For those interested in moving beyond the version of the vehicle that costs $20,000, there is a blind-spot monitoring camera, HondaLink apps, touchscreen control and Siri Eyes Free available, as well, proving this is about as advanced as a modern vehicle can be these days, especially in its price range.

Honestly, the Civic is a top seller regardless of what comes standard, but we truly believe that all the excellent technology that comes with the car is a big part of what makes it so desirable. More and more tech is ending up in cars these days, and as long as Honda stays at the forefront of that movement, we certainly won’t have any complaints about it.

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