Tuesday, September 23, 2014

2014 Honda Odyssey Rejuvinating Perception of Minivans

Back in the 1990s, large SUVs were unbelievably popular—so much so that most consumers didn’t care what the efficiency numbers were, so long as the vehicle itself was massive, with all sorts of space for passengers and the cargo that goes along with a bigger family.

As those grew more popular, consumers started to catch on that these large SUVs could, in many ways, replace the minivan as the family vehicle of choice, and that’s exactly what happened. Not only did SUVs usually look cooler, but they were easier to drive and park, as well. By the turn of the century, it seemed as though large SUVs were here to stay as the preferred family vehicle for American families.

However, based on sales numbers for August, it’s clear that there are plenty of drivers leaning back toward the 2014 Honda Odyssey, our lauded minivan offering, as it saw a 12.9% sales increase last month, with 12,500 vehicles sold overall. That, for the record, was more than the 2014 Honda Pilot, our large SUV offering, and more than any other Honda vehicle not named “Accord,” “Civic” or “CR-V.”

What does this mean for American Honda dealers moving forward? It means that consumers are going back to realizing that no vehicle offers more space—for passengers and cargo—than a minivan. They’re realizing that family-focused features like built-in DVD players and USB chargers and even a vacuum cleaner make toting around the family easier than ever.

 And, truthfully, the Odyssey is pretty good-looking, too. If you want the best vehicle for your family, the 2014 Honda Odyssey is at least worth a test drive.

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