Saturday, June 6, 2015

2016 Honda Pilot Gets Big Update

With all the attention that Honda SUVs have been getting over the course of the last several months, it would be easy to miss that the 2016 Honda Pilot is slated to receive a generational upgrade and will feature a slew of great new additions ranging from design to technology to features. The HR-V is the buzzy new kid on the block and the CR-V is the best-selling All-Star, but this new Pilot, big enough to seat eight passengers comfortably, is more than good enough to warrant plenty of attention all on its own.

For starters, the SUV is going to look a bit different, with a more modern and sleek design that gives it a much more muscular, sporty look. LED taillights are new, as is the Elite trim, which features new 20-inch wheels and the first-ever Toyota panoramic glass roof.

Inside the vehicle, things get even more interesting. Designed for families, the new Honda Pilot features all kinds of great family features, such as five USB ports spread throughout the vehicle to allow kids’ devices to stay charged and usable at all times. There’s even an HDMI port that could be used for a gaming console or BluRay player, as well as two headphone jacks and power outlets to accommodate any of a number of compatible devices.

Honda also has added 3.5 inches of length, including an added 1.3 inches of cargo space that can now hold an 82-quart cooler while the third row of seats is in use.

It’s an amazing family SUV for any San Diego Honda customer, and it’s certainly worthy of just as much attention as any other SUV in the Honda stable.

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